Saltwater Fishing Tips For Both Novice and Expert Sea Anglers

Sharing saltwater fishing tips can only be a good thing. How many times have we said (or maybe just thought) on being shown something for the first time - a new and easier way to tie a familiar knot, or an improved method of rigging a bait for example - 'Why didn't I think of that one before'?

But of course there's little that's entirely new in saltwater fishing, unless that is, you're a complete novice just setting out in this great sport of ours.

So whilst most of us have heard a thousand times (and don't particularly want to hear it again) that 'the best tool for snipping off the tag end of monofilament line is a nail-clipper', to a novice angler struggling with a knife or a pair of blunt scissors this is a great tip indeed.

In an attempt to get these saltwater fishing tips into some sensible order, I've split them into 8 specialist categories - surf fishing, pier fishing, lure fishing, kayak fishing, sailboat fishing, jig fishing, fishing line tips, fishing gear tips - as set out below.

The tips themselves can be accessed by following the link at the end of each category or by clicking on the appropriate image link in the column on the right.

But let's make this a two way thing. If you've got some good tips, let's hear them! You can easily share your tips with our visitors by following the simple instructions set out further down this page.

So, let's get into it ...

Saltwater Fishing Tips #1 ~ Surf Fishing

Successful fishing on a surf beach doesn't come easy. For instance ...

  • How do you know what type of sea bed you're fishing over?
  • What species of fish are likely to be there at any particular time of the year?
  • What bait should you use?
  • Do you have to buy it or can you gather it locally? If so, where should you look?
  • How far should you cast, and how do you prevent crack-offs when you're really pushing into it?

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Saltwater Fishing Tips #2 ~ Pier Fishing

Most shore anglers are drawn to a pier like gulls to a landfill site, and it's easy to sea why. But ...

  • What's the best time to be there?
  • What stage of the tide is likely to fish best?
  • Which side of the pier should you fish? Uptide or downtide?
  • Should you cast out into deeper water or just fish under your rod top?
  • How do you get your catch back up to the pier without it wriggling free?
  • Is there a way of attracting more fish to your bait?
  • How do avoid your rod being pulled over the rail? Easy one this, see right ...
  • Is the very end of the pier the very best spot to fish from?

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Saltwater Fishing Tips #3 ~ Lure Fishing

Perhaps the first lure fishing tip should be not to buy a lure simply because it looks pretty. Yup, we've all done it - and some of us still do occasionally. But what should we be thinking about to improve our lure fishing results?

  • Why is fluorocarbon line nearly always the best choice for leaders?
  • What are the physical features on a lure that will attract fish?
  • Is that treble hook really a good idea, or should you change it?
  • Is the hook the right size for the lure?
  • How do you tell if a plug is a deep diver, a shallow diver or a topwater lure?
  • How do you get the most out of every cast?
  • What's the secret of really long-casting lures?

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Saltwater Fishing Tips #4 ~ Kayak Fishing

Here’s a bunch of kayak fishing tips which, for both kayak fishing newbies and old hands alike, should keep you safe and improve your productivity ...

  • Choosing a saltwater fishing yak, a SINK or a SOT?
  • A fully rigged 'off the shelf' yak, or rig it yourself?
  • Which is the best colour? Yes, it does matter!
  • Choosing the right paddle;
  • Baits, or lures;
  • Protecting both the kayak and yourself from the damaging effects of UV light;
  • Handling your kayak;
  • Safety - Staying in touch;
  • Safety - Staying afloat;
  • Getting weather information;
  • understanding tides and using them to your advantage.

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Saltwater Fishing Tips #5 ~ Sailboat Fishing

OK, so you're not fishing for sport - you just want to catch a few tasty fish to feed the hungry crew. Here are the tips you need to get a regular supply of fresh fish to the galley, and this is how to make it happen ...

  • Not just a trolling handline, a snubber line;
  • The best leader materials for trolling lines;
  • Choosing the right lure for the conditions;
  • Attracting fish from far off with a bird teaser;
  • Using multiple trolling lines;
  • Keep those hooks sharp!
  • Knots, or crimped connections?
  • Killing your catch humanely.

Click Here for 10 Top Sailboat Fishing Tips ...

Saltwater Fishing Tips #6 ~ Jig Fishing

New to jig fishing, or an old hand that just wants to improve your catch rate? Either way, you won't be disappointed with these jig fishing tips ...

  • Ditch those treble hooks!
  • ... and think about using 'Assist Hooks' instead;
  • Add scent to your jig lure;
  • How a specialist jig rod can help you catch more fish;
  • Which is best for jig fishing? A spinning reel or a conventional type?
  • Braid main lines and fluorocarbon leaders;

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Saltwater Fishing Tips #7 ~ Fishing Line Tips

There are times when only braid line will do, others when you really should tie your hook lengths and snoods with fluorocarbon line, and other situations when monofilament is ideal.

The Pro's and Con's of ...

  • Nylon Monofilament Lines;
  • Fluorocarbon Lines;
  • Braid Lines.

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Saltwater Fishing Tips #8 ~ Fishing Gear Tips

A recurring theme throughout this website is that really cheap fishing gear seldom turns out to be a bargain, and it's certainly true that a few more cents spent on the smaller items like hooks and swivels will get you much improved quality. So here we look at ...

  • Hooks, the various patterns and the importance of keeping them sharp;
  • Casting weights and sinkers;
  • Lure selection;
  • Swivels - barrel swivels, crane swivels, ball-bearing swivels and aussie swivels;
  • Buying wisely ...

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