Jaw Dropping Mahi Mahi

by JEC
(Hampton VA)

As sailors, we sail east coast USA to Europe, and tow a fishing line for 'dinner.' Don't play around, use heavy mono, carried about 75 ft off back of boat, old cedar plug with a size 6 hook. Figure if the fish can break that heavy a line we don't need it on board. One year, as the 'cook', stopped at a local fishing store for heavy mono to load my homemade reel which we tow off our sailboat. The 'good old boys' chuckled to see a gal and kids getting 200+ lb line. Was great to see their jaws DROP past their red suspenders when we showed photos of our 'dinner'..a trophy sized Mahi Mahi..bull, at 50+lbs. They asked where the fish was..we just rubbed our bellies with a smile.

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