On-line Fishing Equipment Suppliers or Your Local Tackle Shop?

With new fishing equipment suppliers springing up on the internet on a regular basis, how do we separate the good from the bad? Let's face it, good quality fishing gear doesn'’t come cheap, so we’'re always looking for the best deal.

But choosing fishing equipment on the basis of price alone is seldom a good idea. At some stage in our fishing careers we’'ve all bought that 'bargain' reel at an unbelievably cheap price that fell apart after a few casts.

Saltwater fishing gear in particular comes in for some pretty harsh treatment so, good quality, reliable fishing gear at the best possible price is what we really need.

And if we can find it at fishing tackle suppliers who have a proven record of good customer service when things don't quite meet with our expectations, then our money will be well spent.

Needless to say, I believe that the on-line tackle suppliers listed further down this page meet these quality, cost and service criteria.

Your Local Fishing Tackle Shop

Although you'll probably get a better tackle deal from on-line fishing equipment suppliers, they'll not have the local knowledge that you'll get from your local fishing gear store.

If you're fortunate to have one such fishing gear store nearby, you should use it, giving them the chance to match the prices of the online suppliers. They'll be eager to tell you the best fishing marks, what fish are 'in', what bait is currently catching them and the most effective fishing rigs to use. This kind of information clearly has a value.

Furthermore, they'll be able to supply you with fresh live bait - which is not something you're going to get from an online fishing tackle supplier.

But if you're trying to find the perfect fishing gift, then nothing beats an internet search.

On-Line Fishing Equipment Suppliers


TacKleDirect been servicing fishing enthusiasts for over 40 years and outfitting Internet customers since 1997. Based on over a 1,000 unique customer ratings, they have consistently earned the coveted Yahoo! Top Service honor 4 years in a row.

Saltwater Fishing Gear at Basspro.com

BassPro are one of the most respected of all online fishing gear suppliers in the USA. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they only cater for the bass fisherman - they carry a huge range of stock for every aspect of saltwater fishing, as you'll see if you click on banner above.


West Marine provide for saltwater fishermen and boat owners alike, and as well as their on-line facility they have over 300 stores throughout the USA.

TackleDirect, BassPro and West Marine carry a comprehensive range of saltwater fishing tackle and fishing boat equipment at competitive prices, and have enviable reputations to uphold. So when searching for a particular item it's worth checking one out against the other. What may well be the clincher is the seasonal discounts and sale offers that they run from time to time.

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