Books About Fishing Are Filling The Shelves

The shelves are already heaving with books about fishing but like all activities with an avid and expanding following, there's always space for another.

If you're looking for a book on the subject, a small selection of those that I've had a chance to review can be found here.

But if you're more interested in writing fishing books, read on ...

First, does it exist only in your head? Just something you'll 'get round to one of these days'?

Yes? Then get to it. Until thought transference is invented, it's no use to anyone where it is.

So You've Written a Fishing Book...

Excellent! Even if it's not directly about the subject of catching fish we want to hear about it.

For example, books about:~

  • Cooking fish
  • Identifying fish
  • Buying, owning and operating a fishing boat
  • Running a recreational fishing related business
  • Fishing knots, rigs, baits, tackle etc, etc

And is it ...

  • Already published and on the shelves?
  • A book that you've self-published?
  • An e-book?

Whichever one of these questions you can answer 'yes' to, you as its author will be keen to bring it to the attention of a likely readership.

And here's your chance ...

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Written One or More Books About Fishing?
Then Showcase It Here!

What aspects of this wonderful pastime of ours does your book cover? Is it in hard copy or is it an e-book? Maybe you could list the the chapter headings a give a description as to what each one is about? Lets hear about your passion!

What Other Writers Have Submitted

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Surf and Saltwater Fishing in the Carolinas 
A brand new fishing book has been released aimed at both experienced Carolina anglers and tourists who want to go to the coast and learn all the tips, …

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