The Sea Angler's Step-By-Step Guide to Baits and Rigs

Superbly illustrated and highly informative, The Sea Angler's Step-By-Step Guide to Baits and Rigs is the best book on baiting-up and rig-making I've had the pleasure to read.

Through its pages you'll learn how to make up rigs for shore fishing and boat fishing from the simplest to the most specialised, and all in enough detail to answer any questions you may otherwise have had - just take a look at the main topics listed below.

In the second part of the book you're introduced to the best natural baits around, along with details of where to find them, how to collect them and - most importantly - how to mount them on the hook so that they won't fall off.

The book's title - The Sea Angler's Step-By-Step Guide to Baits and Rigs - says it all.

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And Here's What You'll Find Inside...

Shore Rigs

  • The One-Up One-Down Paternoster Rig
  • The Two-Up Paternoster Rig
  • Clipped-Up and Clipped-Down Rigs for Long Casting
  • The two-Hook Sliding Wishbone Rig
  • The Clipped-Down Pennel Rig with Bait Shield
  • The Sliding Float Rig
  • Making Mackerel Feather Traces
  • Paternoster Boom Rigs
  • Long Range Bomber Rig
  • The Pulley Rig
  • Rotten Bottom Rigs

Boat Rigs

  • The Standard Running Ledger Rig
  • The Flattie Spoon Rig
  • Artificial Sandeel Rig for Fishing on the Drift
  • Downtide Rig for Conger
  • Two-Hook Scratching Rig
  • General Purpose Downtide Running Ledger
  • Pirk and Muppet Rig

Bait Collection

  • Where to Look
  • Digging Tips
  • Shellfish ~ Razorfish, Butterfish, Cockles, Clams, Mussels, Slipper Limpets, Scallops
  • Marine Worms ~ White Ragworm, King Ragworm, Harbour Ragworm, Common Lugworm

How to Rig the Top Baits

  • King Ragworm
  • Harbour Ragworm
  • Common Lugworm
  • Sandeels
  • Whole Squid
  • Fish Strip
  • Live Fish

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